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A range of business support services will be provided within S3FOOD.


For any question related your digitization process, just ask us!! Get in contact with more than 200 experts from all around Europe and get insights and new perspectives on your ideas.

Your question will be guided in the right direction and you can expect feedback within 3 weeks.

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Matchmaking tool

S3FOOD offers 2 matchmaking events to encourage business and collaboration meetings between food SMEs, technology developers, technology providers and RTO to foster technical and entrepreneurial cooperation in the 4 thematic priorities of S3FOOD framework in order to develop innovative projects.

1. Sensors to monitor real time critical control parameters
2. Sensor integration and implementation
3. Smart data management – from data to information to action
4. Connectivity in food companies and in the food value chain

For each matchmaking event within S3FOOD, Enterprise Europe Network will be used in order to facilitate a matchmaking session.

Cross-border matchmaking event – Belgium

Oct 1, 2020 / 8:00 - Oct 31, 2020 / 17:00

Interactive map

The map offers a visual strategic map per thematic priority of the competences, expertise and equipment in S3FOOD regions.

To be presented in february 2020.

Business support services

Training services: 

A Technology Training Set provides companies with practical and visual information about the application of digital solutions in the food sector. The Training Set includes:

  • Videos of practical demonstrations of digital technologies in food facilities, living labs and real-life environments.
  • A repository of face-to-face and on-line training resources available in the S3FOOD Regions and Countries.
Learn more and find the Technology Training Set

Business coaching set: (to start in January 2020)

The main purpose of the business coaching set is to apply the knowledge acquired at the training program to the specific situation of each of the projects through the action of specialized coaches. These coaches, who will be accompanying the projects in each of the successive stages of development, must also evaluate their situation and issue thematic reports so that mentors and other organizations of the program have updated information about projects.

Operational handbook for Living Labs

Based on a survey, about the expectations and needs of food companies and digital solution providers, S3FOOD has established the Interregional Living Labs Network and determined the framework for operating living labs for application of smart sensor system for agri-food.

The handbook will soon be available online.

Idea validation

The idea validation templates are designed to help companies to develop their ideas for S3FOOD calls brining into clearly delineated sections, providing an organized layout that is easy-to-use and read.

Download the ideation template right here.