Technology Training Set

Learn about the application of digital solutions in the food sector

The purpose of the S3FOOD Technology Training Set is to provide SMEs involved in the project with knowledge about the technological and digital opportunities for the food sector.

S3FOOD will provide this knowledge through:

1.face-to-face technology demonstration sessions, held during the project study-visits.

2.Videos of practical demonstrations of digital technologies in food facilities, living labs and real-life environments.

3.A repository of face-to-face and on-line training resources available in the S3FOOD Regions and Countries

How does the technology work in real life?

Take a look at our practical demonstrations video.

Artificial Vision

Strange objects debris detection

Digital twin

Digital twin and lab on chip

Photonic technologies

Hyperspectral technology and Online Photoprinting

3D printing

3D printing for manufacturing

3D printing: Ceramic material

3D printing: Titanium and aluminium

Augmented reality demonstrations

Augmented reality: Management of warehouses

Augmented reality: Guidance for technicians

Virtual reality demonstrations

Virtual reality

Virtual reality: The virtual twin

Blockchain demonstrations

Blockchain: Odometers in cars

Blockchain: Traceability in ciders

Other technology demonstrations

Advanced weight systems

Highly controlled cheese maturation

Energy efficiency system

Hyperspectral imaging

Infrared spectral imaging

Roll-to-roll manufacturing

Want to learn more?

Take a look at practical demonstrations from the S3FOOD partners

Humanising technology by Food & Bio Cluster Denmark and Bunker43

In this online webinar, the company Bunker43 will share specific technologies as sensor technology, software and IT solutions and how the technologies can create value in the food industry.

Blockchain by Food & Bio Cluster Denmark and IBM

This online webinar bring insights on how the Blockchain technology can be integrated in the food system. You will also be introduced to the IBM Food Trust platform where eg. Wallmarte, Unilever and Nestlé among others are using data from the whole value chain to build even stronger food safety and reduce cost.

3D-printing by Food & Bio Cluster Denmark and Danish Technological Institute