Training & coaching

European food SMEs can look to the S3FOOD partners for expert support on their digitalisation journey. The partners offer training and coaching services to ease the implementation of smart sensors and digital management systems.

Training services: 

The Technology Training Set provides companies with practical and visual information about the application of digital solutions in the food sector. The Training Set includes:

#Videos of practical demonstrations of digital technologies in food facilities, living labs and real-life environments.

#A repository of face-to-face and on-line training resources available in the S3FOOD Regions and Countries.

#Face-to-face technology demonstration sessions, held during the S3FOOD study-visits.

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Coaching service:

A focused service that facilitates learning and enhances digitalisation capabilities in the food processing industry.

S3FOOD’s expert coaches aim to identify and develop the necessary skills and competences of agri-food SMEs. The objective is to facilitate the implementation of smart sensor systems in food production processes and, through that, the generation of digital data. The coaches follow the projects at each stage of their development.

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