A simpler process to match deliveries with sales

Bakery order processes are filled with time-consuming calculations of consumer demand in order to deliver just the right amount of products to each bakery store. Bakeries that deliver too much can expect unsold products to be returned, resulting in expensive waste. If they deliver too little, store shelves will empty too fast, causing loss of revenue.

Family-owned artisan bakery Krimphove knows the challenge when delivering to its 20 bakery stores in Münster, Germany.

With S3FOOD funding, the bakery is exploring how to optimise its complex order process with decision-support software from FoodTracks.

Once implemented, the improved process is expected to reduce unsold product returns by up to 2%, cutting waste and CO2 emissions significantly. At the same time, the bakery anticipates revenue will increase 3 to 5%, due to higher sales of products that were previously sold out.

As Krimphove says, lower costs and increased revenues improve competitiveness and, through that, the ability to open more stores and create more jobs in the future.

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Explore bakery order digitisation

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Der gute Bäcker H. Krimphove GmbH

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