An AI-driven framework to detect production problems

Production issues and bad products occur all the time. The longer it takes to detect an issue, the more bad products are produced, the more production time is lost and the higher the cost of production.

NDUX will create a framework, allowing food production companies to have more control of their own production processes, by using a data-driven process monitoring tool.

The framework explains how production monitoring can be done, which parameters are relevant and which steps a company needs to take, to go from reactive production monitoring towards data-driven production monitoring.

This project allows each production company to improve resource efficiency, quality control, food safety and traceability challenges by using the framework for their own production processes.

Final report summary
The approach and framework have been developed and validated with several food companies. Each company gained a valuable insight into where they stand on digitalisation and how data-driven process monitoring will impact their organisation.

  • 75% of the companies took actions after receiving the results of the work packages
  • 70% of the discovered use-cases have an ROI of <12 months
  • 1 use case even reduces product waste and production cost with a value of +€500.000 /year and has an ROI of less than 7 months

The project has successfully reached the goal of a validated framework and approach, with tangible results. The next step for NDUX is to help as many companies as possible with the validated framework. The framework will continuously be improved so future work packages are more accessible and efficient. For the participating companies, the next steps are to take the right actions to get the results available in their organisation, based on their digital maturity.

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Smart AI-Driven production monitoring framework

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