Better egg processing with enhanced data integration

EchoEgg is the name of this S3FOOD project which aims to implement a complex digital solution in an egg processing factory. The goal is to enhance its quality control processes, support production efficiency, provide data-based information for process and product development and facilitate resource efficiency, thus achieving lower environmental impact.

At the particular company where the project takes place, in spite of already existing digital data, many routines related to quality assurance and monitoring are still carried out manually. The solution developed and implemented, should eradicate or at least minimise manual labour related to data logging and quality management and the deployed solution will be a big step forward in providing process monitoring.

Final report summary
We have achieved the main goal, to develop a sophisticated data collection and visualisation solution that provides essential information for the whole of the egg processing production. The application, with its sensors and complex digital platform, visualises and informs the production process.

From the hardware and application development perspective, we succeeded in creating valuable business insights from the integration of existing data and implementation of new data sources.

The realisation of the project already generates business value for both parties. Cubilog Ltd can offer a more sophisticated service to its customers. A very different use case is under development here the framework and application created during the EchoEgg project can be used.

Ecomotive has noted a number of positive outcomes:

  • production management and quality management can receive immediate, real-time data on production and quality control processes and variables
  • real-time data enables immediate interventions in the production process when necessary
  • control of the work of operators and colleagues responsible for production and hygiene work processes can be done almost immediately based on the monitoring of parameters
  • production statistics, statements, yield calculations and other controlling data are constantly available
  • paper-based recording of quality management control parameters was almost immediately replaced
  • monitoring of electricity, gas and water consumption data has become electronically traceable
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Egg processing with enhanced data integrationr

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Cubilog Ltd.

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