Cloud-assessment of dessert production performance

The dessert company Dulcegrado has been growing steadily in terms of production over the last few years and is currently facing a bottleneck in terms of its production capacity.

This S#FOOD project will allow not only to analyse the current production system, but also to evaluate the effects that possible modifications, such as the employment of a HTST pasteuriser, will have on it. In this way the company will obtain valuable data to decide whether or not to carry out modifications.

The objective of the project is to study the three aspects that are currently limiting the production capacity, i.e., production process, energy supply and quality control of raw materials and ingredients. To do this, it is essential to automate the collection of the data that will be analysed in an IoT platform. By means of this system, it will be possible to obtain a characterisation of production in terms of energy costs and performance for any small or medium-sized food industry.

Furthermore, with the introduction of NIR technology in the characterisation of the received milk, the use of the ingredients will be optimised, achieving savings mainly in the cream and powdered milk used in the manufacture of the desserts.

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