Smart metal detection for high milk safety

The BioMim project aims to design and manufacture an interferometric biosensor for the detection of copper and lead in milk. Although the current methods available are effective, they are expensive and complex and require samples to be sent for laboratory analysis.

The first phase of the project has been successful, and AOTECH has carried out a lot of work in this project that constitutes a great step forward in the development of optical biosensors for the detection of heavy metals in milk. It also lays the foundations for future development of sensors that are capable of detecting other types of analytes such as proteins or bacteria, performing a specific functionalisation for them.

A great deal of theoretical and simulation work has been carried out for the design of the biosensors that has allowed the project to obtain a greater knowledge of the sensors and will allow them to design biosensors adjusting the characteristics to those necessary for each application. Several prototypes have been made, they have been tested in a laboratory environment and a demonstrator has also been used to verify the possibility of taking in-line measurements.

The whole dairy value chain from farmers to consumers will benefit from the results. Farmers will gain information about contaminants in milk and the presence of micronutrients. Dairy companies will be able to detect toxic metals in their product, ensuring they deliver safe milk to consumers.

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Biosensors for the detection of metals in milk – BioMim

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