Automated quality control using a mobile app

Is it possible to automate quality control of rapeseed with a mobile app? This is the question the German Institute of Food Technologies (DIL Technologie) will investigate in its S3FOOD project.

Current rapeseed quality control is carried out by employees, who evaluate, for example, dehulling quality and the degree of hull separation in processing. This manual process is both expensive and fails to ensure a standardised outcome, due to the subjective perceptions of each member of staff.

The institute will work with VT-Engineering to investigate how the integration of AI in the classification of image data can support a high-performing app for automated quality control.  The aim is to demonstrate the general technical feasibility of an app with sufficient classification accuracy for two to three product classes.

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Project title

Development of an optical, digital measuring system as smartphone app to determine the dehulling degree of oilseeds, with rapeseed as an example

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German Institute of Food Technologies e.V.

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