Brewery management by a single system

When various processing parameters are registered on paper or electronically, it can be hard to keep an overview of how production is going. At Lindemans Brewery in Belgium, this scattered approach has resulted in slow responses to issues that can cause a breakdown and impact product quality.

With the Lindesens project, the brewery is exploring how to digitalise all performance registration and gather real-time data on a single platform. The goal is to speed up reactions to emerging problems and ensure quality remains constant at all times – with less need of rework.

Lindemans is collaborating with the smart technology specialists at Gemsotec to develop the platform, which is expected to save time in production and improve brewery management.

Final report summary

The system chosen for the project is the GoRound of Gemsotec, a SaaS product. This allows quick implementation, and thus, testing of the requirements. Gemsotec added features to overcome identified gaps in the system. The solution has been setup for Lindemans and tested by the staff that would eventually use the application. The feedback was very positive, and the solution will be integrated and replace the current paper workflows. 

Thanks to this project, the brewery has been introduced to digitalisation within the production environment. Due to the design made together with Gemsotec, it is possible to track test results and quality checks in real time.  Operators are guided so that not registering or registering errors is almost excluded. After this exploration, tests were started in various departments and then within a few months the transition to fully digital registration will be made. This will save us time but above all improve our quality and overall operation. 


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Lindesens – monitoring critical control points digitally and in real-time

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