Building a blockchain for distinctive cheese

Vega de Tordín is a traditional family-run business, where the sixth generation is now responsible for the production of Cabrales cheese – a local speciality with a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) label. Consumers buy the cheese for its distinctive characteristics, which must be consistent from batch to batch.

To ensure that distinctive quality and improve traceability through the product lifecycle, the company has been working with CTIC Technology to develop a blockchain solution – BTRACE.

Using the digital traceability system, the objective was to optimise quality, food safety and resource utilisation. The project has been successful, and therefore customers will now be able to learn about the cheese, its origins and way to market, making the elaboration of the product more transparent for them and improving their degree of satisfaction.

Final project summary
BTRACE has achieved its goal by developing a blockchain-based application to improve the SME’s traceability system. Once the SME inputs data from its cheese production process into the digital solution, end-users will be able to test it.

Customers will be able to learn all information about the cheese, improving transparency and customer satisfaction. This higher degree of customer trust in Vega de Tordín’s Cabrales cheese will result in greater brand recognition and higher sales.

Within two to three years, the Cabrales cheese PDO product will have gained more visibility and, hopefully, more SMEs will follow our example by implementing similar traceability solutions in their processes.

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Project title

Blockchain Technologies for the Traceability of Cabrales Cheese – BTRACE

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La Vega de Tordín S.C.

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