Controlled fermentation for the best quality wine

Winemakers will gain a cost-effective digital opportunity to manage the quality of their wine with the new real-time process monitoring platform under development in the COMFY project. Using sensors to gather data during yeast fermentation, wineries will be able to adjust and steer the process to obtain the distinct quality and flavour they need to stand out on the market.

Following a feasibility study, the project partners are now ready to validate the prototype monitoring platform. Ultimately, it could mean better quality wines at lower cost and with less waste due to quality deviations – benefits that, eventually, could be extended to breweries, too.

Lead SME in this project is FreeSense Solutions, specialist in integrated sensor systems and IOT and a subsidiary of Innovius. Partners BrewPi and Winery&Herbs are experts in sensor deployment in beer and wine fermentation monitoring systems and wine production, respectively.

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Project title

COMFY – continuous objective measurement of fermenting yeast

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Lead SME

Innovius BV/FreeSense Solutions

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