Data-driven fermentation management will lift microbreweries

The goal of this project is to finalise the development of a data-driven fermentation management solution i.e. non-invasive Internet of Things solution to monitor and control fermentation in the beer industry.

Currently in Europe, 9 out of 10 microbreweries do not have access to the right tools to monitor and control fermentation. The breweries end up using analogue solutions if any, which require time-consuming manual sampling and includes weak data flows. Lack of appropriate quality control results in low and inconsistent product quality, production inefficiencies and large amounts of beer and CO2 spillage.

As of today, in Europe there are over 11,000 microbreweries, so such a solution is very much needed in the industry. Fermentation processing in microbreweries, is of high complexity due to the involvement of various raw materials, different yeast strains, numerous quality parameters, biased factors, and interventions throughout.

Zymoscope, will start this project together with Flying Couch Brewery in Denmark, where various beer fermentation processes will be conducted in order to collect sufficient amount of data, to improve accuracy and reproducibility while ensuring scalability of the solution.

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Data-driven fermentation management: A non-invasive IoT solution to monitor and control fermentation in the beer industry – DDPM

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Zymoscope ApS

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