Digital management of food processing resources

Electricity, fuel and water are three key expenses for the food industry. The aim of FI.RMS is to explore the commercial viability of a new solution that can reduce consumption by 10% to 20%. By integrating metering equipment with a specially developed energy platform, the solution transforms raw data into insights for informed decision-making. Using it, food producers will gain a clear understanding of what they consume and where savings can be made.

Ecubo is collaborating with eProgram, which specialises in industry 4.0 metering and sub metering, and experienced business developer Alberto de las Fuentes.

Final report summary
The Food Industry.Resources Management system (FI.RMS) technical solution integrates three key components – hardware, software and engineering – in a single service. The result was a prototype for testing in the ASINCAR food pilot plant, which is the perfect simulation model of a food SME.

After 45 days of operation at ASINCAR, the solution identified estimated savings of 38æ92% of the annual energy bill – a much better than expected result.

More research is needed to elaborate on the average potential savings for a food SME.

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FI.RMS – food industry resources management system

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