Digital monitoring to reduce resource use in the meat industry

The goal of the FI.RMS + SMILE project is to meter, sub-meter and analyse more than 40 energy parameters at SerinCar92, the main abattoir in Asturias. With up to 150 tons of meat production a day, and with energy costs of more than € 500.000 per year, adding several layers of automation to the monitoring hardware and software is key to finding technical anomalies or unexpected consumptions.

The project will compare data with best practices in the company and / or in the food industry, to preview future consumption and to analyse different options, such as investing in renewable energy for better savings.

Asturias aims to reach annual savings of 10 to 20 per cent through this S3FOOD project. This way, the FI.RMS + SMAILE project will reduce SerinCar92’s overall impact on the environment, as well as improving their income.

Final report summary
The unforeseen risk from extraordinary market price variations and/or regulatory changes revealed a need to quickly update / adapt the tool to unexpected changes. This has been implemented during the project.

FI.RMS + SMILE is an integrated solution for energy resources management in the food industry with several layers: 

  • Sensors and dataloggers for electricity, gas and environmental metering and submetering, providing real-time data every 5 minutes via its own web server for a cloud storage system
  • FI.RMS + SMILE software solution for automatically processing data obtained from the sensors into visual information for decision-making. KPIs have been established as expected savings in energy consumption (10% to 20% less kWh), CO2 emissions (10% to 20% less CO2/tons) and overall energy costs (10% to 20% less €)
  • Engineering energy efficiency knowhow for overall analysis and establishing energy-saving actions

Given the complexity of the project, the initial idea for the FI.RMS + SMILE software solution evolved significantly into two integrated software products. This has resulted in better, more focused product development and allowed us increased flexibility to cope with unexpected prices and/or regulatory changes.  

  • FI.RMS – Food Industry. Resources Management System is the energy management ‘technical’ solution developed by EPROGRAM, allowing data collection from all external sensors and dataloggers installed in SERINCAR92 abbatoir facilities. The data is then processed to provide SERINCAR92 managers and our engineers with real-time visual information on +40 electric parameters – including energy consumption and environmental data such as temperature, humidity and CO2 levels.
  • COMPA/SMILE: COMPA (Online Software for Energy Cost Comparison) is the ‘economic’ tool for benchmarking energy prices. COMPA now work independently and/or as an additional ‘economic’ benchmarking layer for FI.RMS Energy Management Software. Using more than  two million data uploaded from FI.RMS, OMIE, REE, NASA Power API and other sources, COMPA visualises the analysed company’s electricity prices, electricity demand and total electricity costs and predicts future developments.
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Digital Optimisation Intralogistics in the Meat Industry 

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Efficiency Program S.L. (eProgram) 

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