Efficient changeovers from one batch to the next

As a semi-industrial bakery supplying retail and food service companies, Holeki is used to running small batch production of its wide product range. The challenge is the many product changeovers on the production line every day. These manual line clearance processes take time and energy – and require particular attention to allergens and other food safety risks. Each stage must be carefully registered.

Holeki has partnered with IT service provider Savaco to investigate how to automate the line clearance process and provide user-friendly controls and instructions for operators.

Smart automation will bring multiple benefits.

  • A line clearance app will set the parameters for each new product batch automatically, eliminating manual errors and related waste of resources
  • Improved control of the changeover process will ensure high food safety and quality
  • A digital logbook will secure full traceability during production
  • A digital checklist will support operators with follow-up and control of each line clearance step

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Smart Line Clearance Application

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