Digital meat production with respect for tradition

GARCÍA NUÑO. EL CHICO S.L. is a traditional Spanish, family-run charcuterie with more than 60 years of experience – and in need of comprehensive automation. This project is a first step towards industry 4.0 technology. The ultimate goal is to modernise, monitor and optimise manufacturing and commercial processes without compromising the charcuterie’s traditional character.

The project has provided a 360° vision of the company and facilitated the first step towards digital transformation. Processes have been analysed, optimised and redesigned, creating the foundation for later implementation of smart technologies in line with industry 4.0 principles.

In the short term, the priority is the implementation of an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to help automate and manage the business in a more modern and innovative way. In the medium-long term, the company will try to incorporate new basic enabling technologies for Industry 4.0.

The project has been conducted in collaboration with CTIC Technology Centre.

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DP4MI – Digital path for the meat industry

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