Fast prediction of barley seed quality

Malting companies depend on the germination capacity of the barley they buy. At the moment, their quality control relies on a time-consuming and labour-intensive procedure that involves germinating seed samples.

Meluna Research is developing a non-invasive smart multi-sensor system to predict grain quality in a matter of minutes. Based on four photonic technologies, the system will examine key seed properties simultaneously to forecast germination capacity, shelf life and dormancy – optimising quality control and resource efficiency and saving time.

The Dutch SME is collaborating with Malterie De Bretagne in France, an innovative cooperative responsible for the production of organic malting barley.

Meluna anticipates that the solution can also be adapted for use in the fruit and vegetable and dairy industry to monitor compliance with quality, environmental and other requirements.

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Smart Multi-Sensor System for Prediction of Barley Seed Germination – SMS4MALT

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Meluna Research

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