High-speed packing prioritises safety

Doroti Pack aims to achieve several goals in one by developing a new packing line automation system for chicken wing processors. In addition to reducing energy consumption by 30% and cutting 20% off packing costs, the Hungarian packaging machine specialist wants to improve the working conditions for operators significantly.

Working with applied research partner Bay Zoltán Nonprofit Ltd, Doroti will draw on computer vision software and AI to determine the position and orientation of chicken wings on the line. This data will then be applied to coordinate a robotic gripper arm, which will place the wings in trays.

The smart solution will enable fast, hygienic and high-quality packing with minimal health risk for operators. Industrial trials will ensure the solution’s stability.

Final report summary
We have successfully tested the prototype system under operating conditions and made significant progress towards technological readiness. Camera vision accurately detects and locates the chicken wings on the conveyor. The data generated is communicated to an existing Omron system, enabling fluent handling of changes in product parameters.

The next step is to take the product to market.

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Improvement of the automatization of product loading of chicken wings – ImProWings

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Doroti Pack Ltd.

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