Intelligent fermentation makes superior wine

Fermentation is a quality-defining process in wine production. With end-to-end monitoring, wine producers could improve product quality and productivity and optimise resources.

This is the objective of the SENSWINE project led by the cloud-based automation experts at Cubilog in Hungary. Drawing on its in-house IoT platform and connectivity kit, Cubilog is investigating the sensors and dataset that would make smart fermentation monitoring accessible to the wine industry.

Automatic processes also address the shortage of skilled employees in wine production and provide valuable data for use in customer communications.

Cubilog is collaborating with Bata-Loyal winery and precision agriculture expert Zoltán Tarr for this project.

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Sensor based wine fermentation monitoring development – SENSWINE

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Cubilog Kft.

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Bata-Loyal winery
Zoltán Tarr, precision agriculture expert

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