Keeping flour safe in big bag storage

Long-term storage of flour products requires constant monitoring to safeguard quality and prevent infestation by insects, mould development and microbiological spoilage. With the MASSNOX project, the objective was to develop a conditioning and monitoring system for reliable flour storage in a new generation of reusable, modified atmosphere big bags.

The idea was to enable real-time monitoring of the concentration of gas inside the big bags during storage. This is key to safe storage as gas concentrations may vary, even inside hermetically sealed bags.

A Proof of Concept of the proposed device has demonstrated the feasibility and validated the assumptions made as to its reliability and the possibility of using the data collected. The goal of the project was achieved. The next step for MASSNOX is to build a prototype to test in operational conditions.

NOX has developed the big bags that has been used in the project and has drawn on the support of LAAS-CNRS, Insecto-Net IAA, HEC Incubator and MIT.

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MASSNOX – modified atmosphere smart big bags for flour-producing factories

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