Smart sensor labels for detection of packaged food

The main objective of the Scensior project is to develop digital sensor food labels that enable the shift from static to dynamic shelf life and connects the value chain of packaged meat products. This will improve quality control, resource efficiency, traceability, market intelligence and the follow-up of food safety in the food production process.

The first part involves technical development of the ink printability to ensure a functioning prototype for validation of a high end circuit. The second part of the project is to validate the improved version of the integrated label on fresh meat packages in a relevant environment. In addition, the project will also evaluate routes to manufacture and print the final labels using printed electronics for a continued commercialisation strategy.

Final report summary
The main outcome of the project is a stabilised sensor with reproducable results, developed together with the two project partners Ynvisible and RISE Sweden. Furthermore a roadmap for future development of the label has been produced. The next step is to produce the labels and test them in a relevant environment.

The expected impact is the development of a truly disrupting product that changes the way freshness and quality are determined in the food industry. Over the next two to three years, we expect the labels to be on the market, produced in collaboration by Innoscentia and Ynvisible.

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Smart sensor labels for detection of packaged food status 

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Innoscentia AB 

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