One system to connect all equipment for monitoring the production

In the LINA PRO project the goal is to connect the equipment of a complete agro-food factory by focusing on two important aspects: The control of critical parameters, and energy efficiency. To do this, IME Tregor will develop the LINA PRO software to meet the needs of agro-food companies.

The LINA PRO system in this project will be an obvious and suitable solution for many strong yet unanswered needs in the agro-food industry. LINA PRO, a flexible, modular and collaborative software, will help the company control the Critical Control Points, traceability and energy efficiency.

The tech company will participate in optimising the client’s production and at the same time aim to make it safer and to facilitate employees’ tasks.

In the production plant, there is a range of production equipment. Some have internal sensors but are not connected while others have nothing to allow analysis of the production. The first objective is to take this heterogeneity into account and to be able to capture all the critical parameters, as well as data on electricity and water consumption of each piece of equipment. Secondly, the tech company will connect this data and format in in the LINA PRO software. And finally, they will build all dashboards with a hypervision system that will serve as the plant’s management and traceability software for the production manager.

Final report summary
The client needed information on energy, water and electricity consumption in the plant and manufacturing data reports for ovens, smokehouses and sterilisers. To meet these needs, the technical solution included the installation of flowmeters and meters, sensors and the necessary electrical boxes for data feedback. PLC programs were modified to establish communication with the Lina server.

As a result, the client has gained real-time monitoring of energy consumption and process traceability, including remote modification of recipes. Management of energy consumption, improved responsiveness to real-time performance and alarms and homogeneity in production bring financial benefits. At the same time, working conditions have been improved for employees.

Today, we have acquired know-how for identical projects involving the implementation of traceability on existing equipment and processes. This allows us to meet the growing demand for upgrades from our clients who do not yet have computer traceability. 


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