Perfect processing needs a digital twin

Variations in raw materials and processing parameters are a common challenge in food production, requiring more time and resources to be spent on quality control, food safety and traceability. DT-OptiDry digital twin is designed to overcome these issues by capturing input variability in a virtual environment and simulating the process.

In practice, DT-OptiDry will deliver a calibrated system for controlling raw material and processing variability and adapting the process to achieve the desired output. Manufacturers can then reduce uncertainty related to final products, improve energy efficiency and sustainability and optimise processing time. Overall, they will benefit from a robust system for food safety and quality control.

Lead SME UpIntelligence (Virtual Intelligence S.L.) has partnered with Embutidos Maybe, Spanish manufacturer of traditional sausages, for this validation project.

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DT-OptiDry – digital twin for optimisation of manufacturing processes in agri-food companies

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Virtual Intelligence S.L.

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