Precision monitoring of high-speed production

Machine vision is a useful tool for detecting defects and controlling the dimensions of agri-food products on a conveyor. Today, hyperspectral imaging (HSI) is emerging to analyse the composition. However, the HSI instruments currently available are not equipped for high-speed food production or new practices in precision agriculture.

The objective of the HS2I project is to combine HSI with high-speed imaging to answer these unmet needs. This involves developing a new type of camera.

In the food industry, HS2I will enable the use of HSI technology for fast, reliable and fully automatic food monitoring – including detection of foreign bodies and management of cooking level, moisture content and product composition.

In precision agriculture, HS2I will benefit ground-based applications, where there is a need for advanced, high-speed detection of plant diseases and product defects, for example.

Lead SME Photon Lines is collaborating with First Light Imaging, which manufactures high-performance cameras, and puff pastry manufacturer, Geldelis.

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HS2I – high speed hyperspectral imager

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Photon Lines

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