Sensor integration for traceable milk chains

Dairy farms with herds of a 1000 cows or more are becoming increasingly common. Compared to smaller farms, their infrastructure and operational requirements are very different, but they currently lack the appropriate technology to meet these needs.

The STORYTELLER solution integrates multiple smart sensor technologies to address the four major problems in this dairy value chain: non-representative sampling; inefficiency and under-utilisation in transport; waste due to human error; and lack of real-time visibility and full digital traceability.

By enabling more accurate metering of milk volume and representative samples and improving the digital characterisation of the milk, STORYTELLER is an opportunity to:

  • Improve food quality and reduce waste
  • Produce raw milk with fewer resources
  • Ensure fair payment for farmers
  • Implement a modern data management tool that secures a fully traceable value chain

The lead SME in this project is Piper Systems Limited, which has partnered with DC Fabrication. Both companies are based in Ireland.

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Project title

STORYTELLER – smart sensor system for the traceability, metering and sampling of milk transfer

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Lead SME

Piper Systems Limited

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