Smart graders go simple and sustainable

The daily challenge for meat, poultry and seafood grading plants is to ensure timely order deliveries with minimum loss. That involves scheduling multiple orders, handling incoming lots and manual adjustment of grader settings.

This exploration project is developing a software solution to reduce the complexity of order processing and production and integrate production planning with decision making.

By adding this intelligent software to its range, Marelec will be able to offer its customers new opportunities to minimise food loss, optimise production and improve on-time deliveries – not to mention avoid expensive and time-consuming mistakes.

Marelec designs and manufactures high-tech portioning, weighing, grading and control systems for food manufacturers worldwide. The company will draw on the expertise of Sirris for this project.

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SmartGrading – smart planning and decision making for a park of grading machines

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Marelec Construct NV

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