Smooth processing with a smart audio sensor

Many food manufacturers take a daily tour of their processing lines, when they listen out for suspicious sounds from moving parts that could spell trouble for production. Magics Instruments wants to make real-time detection of potential risks easier and more accessible to the food industry.

Through this project, the Belgian technology company will explore how an intelligent microphone platform can monitor critical parts in real-time to reduce breakdowns and improve machine efficiency.

Other objectives are to investigate scalable AI technologies and enable their use by food SMEs.

Magics is working with Crelem Bakeries to demonstrate how a single smart network can reduce unplanned production stops that lead to wasted resources.

Final report summary
This project was hampered by significant delays due to COVID-19 and difficulties with the supply of electronic components

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MARINADES – Monitoring aberrations in food process lines with intelligent audio sensor

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Magics Instruments

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