New cooking method will secure standardisation at fine-dining quality

Veltio has developed a cooking process based on the principles of molecular gastronomy and a patent-protected device introducing a novel cooking method. The device cooks quickly and evenly across a food portion, achieving the desired balance between internal and external texture.

The project solves the problem of standardisation and safe food preparation, whilst upholding fine-dining quality of cooking at a fraction of time, regardless of skillsets, with low energy consumption, and minimising the risk of contamination.

The vision is to contribute to the ongoing transformation of the food service sector via standardising and automating innovative cooking processes.

The project targets the catering industry with its restaurants, wine bars, catering, hotels, etc. which need quality, consistency and food safety at scale.

Veltio currently has developed prototypes, and proof of concept has been validated through pilot tests. The S3FOOD funding has helped the project upgrade their early prototype to industrial quality, making the device more robust and reliable in continuous operation conditions, as well as upgrade its software to improve user experience.

Veltio is a collaboration project between Project Veltio P.C, Ideas Forward P.C., and F. Marouli. Ideas Forward has contributed with knowledge on positioning Project Veltio in the food security/safety research field and supported the project on product and business strategy and investment readiness, while F. Marouli has supported and collaborated on the patent process.

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