The Consibio co-founders, from left: Emil Jakobsen, Søren Kjær and Johan Egsgaard Thomsen
Photo credit: Mikal Schlosser

S3FOOD puts your finger on the pulse

says Søren Kjær, co-founder of Consibio

A young start-up company from Aarhus, Denmark joined the S3FOOD study visit to Belgium on 4 February. Consibio co-founder Søren Kjær was encouraged and inspired after a highly productive day:
“A key take-home for me was that partnerships are the best way forward. Instead of trying to create all-in-one solutions to all food processing challenges, we should focus on the part of the value chain where individual companies have special expertise.
“At Consibio, we transfer knowhow from mature industries to upcoming businesses. As biotechnology and chemical engineers,  we know how biology behaves and what should be measured and controlled to ensure high quality and maximum yield with the lowest carbon emissions – for example in insect or plant production.
“What we don’t know much about is the actual production line. That’s why we’re interested in finding partners that produce processing equipment or have exciting production facilities which we can supplement with our smart process control solutions.
“S3FOOD really puts your finger on the pulse of international industry progress. Not only that, the study visit gave access to a priceless network of people – some with similar challenges to us and others with the experience and expertise to provide valuable input.”
Consibio is one of the companies that is now preparing to apply for an S3FOOD voucher. The project: digitalisation of the emerging insect industry to support traceability and process insights.
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